Liberty Wireless X-Press is a premier supplier of high end and high quality cellular phone accessories to the travel and convenience industries throughout the states of California, Nevada and Arizona.  Although our name, Liberty Wireless X-Press implies only wireless products, we are not limited solely to phone accessories. We now offer a wide variety of products in addition to our accessories. We have become a “DSD” (Direct Store Delivery) Distributor of a variety of items ranging from general merchandise to an entire line of gourmet snack food items. We service a wide array of customers from single-store owners to multi-owner chain gas stations, convenience stores, car washes, hotel gift shops, airport retail stores, drug stores, hardware stores, auto dealers and many more…

Our company mission and goal is to provide items of necessity to the convenience world by targeting “impulse buyers and shoppers.”  We do so by creating visually appealing displays as well as attractive and user friendly packaging.  We offer a full service business model for our customers, and each of our locations is carefully selected to maximize profits for our clients.  

Our customers enjoy generous store profits which we deliver with pride!  We strive for customer satisfaction by backing all of our products with a lifetime warranty.  

We intend to introduce many more high-quality products in the near future so please check our website for continual product updates.